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Russian Language Pedagogy

Edited Collection

The Art of Teaching Russian (ed. with Irina Dubinina and Evgeny Dengub). Slavica Publishers. Estimated publication date 2018.


The Middlebury College Kathryn Wasserman Davis School of Russian: Looking Back on Seventy Years, Looking Forward to Many More.

In: Russian Language and Culture: Studies & Methods & Approaches and Interpretations, ed. Jason Merrill, Alexander Logunov, and Vera Proskurina (Moscow: Leland Publishing, 2015): 7-45.

Our Russian Classrooms and Students: Who is Choosing Russian, Why, and What Cultural Content Should We Offer Them?

Russian Language Journal 63 (2013): 51-78.

Американские студенты и обучение в России: взгляд в будущее (In Russian: “American Students and Study Abroad in Russia: A Look into the Future”).

In: Интернационализация региональных вузов: тенденции, стратегии, пути развития: Материалы Международной научно-практической конференции (Volgograd: Volgograd State Polytechnical University, 2012): 85-92.

Интенсивная языковая программа по русскому языку в Соединенных Штатах Америки (из опыта работы Middlebury College) (In Russian: Intensive Russian Language Instruction in the USA [From the Example of Middlebury College]).

Russkii iazyk za rubezhom #1 (2012): 112-117. (co-authored with Larisa Moskvitina)

Совершенствование форм работы с иностранными стажерами: интернациональный аспект восприятия мемориала «Мамаев курган»” (In Russian: “Improving Experience with Foreign Students: International Aspects of the Perception of the Memorial Complex ‘Mamaev Hill’).

Известия Волгоградского государственного технического университета #8 (2010): 141-144. (co-authored with Elena Ogarkova)

Lolita as Cultural Archetype:  Teaching a Semester-Long Course on Nabokov’s Dolores Haze and Her Descendents.

In: Approaches to Teaching Nabokov’s Lolita, ed. Zoran Kuzmanovich and Galya Diment (NY:  Modern Language Association, 2007): 55-61.

Meeting the Challenges of the Global University Through Study Abroad:  Developing a Multi-Disciplinary Study Experience in Russia for All College Students.

NewsNet:  News of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies 47.3 (May 2007): 9-13.

Innovation in a Large-Scale Study-Abroad Program in Engineering.

In: Proceedings of the 2004 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition.  D. E. Mason, J. Merrill, R. S. Harichandran, V. Galishnikova, T. Maleck, D. Prestel, P. Streng.

Using Reader-Response Journals in Teaching Anna Karenina.

In: Approaches to Teaching Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, ed. Amy Mandelker and Liza Knapp (NY:  Modern Language Association, 2003):  187-191.